What I know for sure

Lately I have been enjoying a book by oprah called what I know for sure, and Ahh, that book got me feeling all sorts of things. It gave me lots of goosebumps and got me snappin my fingers and yelling Amen 😂. It made me think of all the things i know for sure. 10... Continue Reading →



How often do you feel down? Like really down to a point you dont want to even move, and all you want to do is just sleep in. Such feelings are more commom now, And i guess this goes back to us compare our self to others more than ever ( Thanks to social media... Continue Reading →





Self love is a phrase that has been thrown alot recently. I used to feel weird about it, because i never got how can a person not love them self, and besides loving one self seemed more than thowing the #Selflove under every pic of cup of green tea or a beauty tip post. I... Continue Reading →


It’s only here to shape not to shame

Dear little girl We are all travelers in this life. Life will take us in all sorts of routes, ones we never imagined we would cross or even think of laying a footstep on. Some we enjoy, and some we force our selves to continue walking in, even through we know we are heading to... Continue Reading →


Can i have less feelings please

Growing up, I always hated feeling weak, sometimes I wished if I could feel less. I think it all started with my KG teacher. I remember my kg teacher so vividly but for entirely different reasons, and not because of her looks or how kind she was to me. she was the first person to... Continue Reading →

Dare the fear

I decided to make my first blog post about fear because it is the reason that hinders most people from things that they want to do, things like leaving a shitty jobs they hate or an abusive marriage. One of my 2018 resolutions was daring my fears and that included starting this blog. A year... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Thanks you joining me on this self love and self awareness journey and i hope i can bring some positivity your way. stay blessed

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